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You can be a member of the Heart Pyramid Society the moment you choose to be. This is a growing international movement, and you are invited to join us on Facebook! Thousands already have.

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Only Love will solve our world’s problems, but so many have turned from it seeking personal glory and satisfaction instead. This is not new but is amplified by the ongoing industrial and technological revolution.

The goal of Heart Pyramid Society is to remind YOU: God is Love, which is what we all truly seek. Love is more valuable than any material thing and always changes things for the better. Hatred and anger only exist where Love is absent. We each have the power to change ourselves and our world. Be Love.

Sharing this message is the easiest way to get involved! We don’t want money — we want you to be filled with Love and sharing that light with the world.

Step by step, one heart at a time.

The Heart-Pyramid Society and symbol are just expressions of something that only exists within: seeking and honoring Love above all else, and raising new generations to do the same.

A mountain can only move stone by stone, and our world will only change heart by heart. It starts with yours. Love is the Way! Please share this message!

It is one simple thing we can all easily do, to help build a better world for all of us.

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